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The Storz Family

Violet Storz Vanscyoc

Lewis Storz
Charles Lewis Storz
Ernest Moses Storz
Lester "Buster" B. Storz
Oma Rhodes
Edwin Lane Storz
Alfred Storz
Linda Storz May
Charles Storz
Odis Storz
Jerry Storz
Violet Storz Vanscyoc
Favorite Family Photos
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I do not know who Nicki and Rene. I do remeber Scott on his motorcylce meeting us when we went to visit.

Bill Violet Steve Scott Rene Nicki Vanscyoc

Aunt Violet I remember lived in Chicago on a lake. She had 2 boys and a girl if i remember correctly. She died many years ago.

Best guess Circa 1969

Alas I hear from the Vanscyoc Clan!
Scott, wife Susan and daughters Tiffany and Tara

Steve Age 8

Donna Kay and Husband

Steve Mary and Stephanie Vanscyoc Year Unknown

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