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The Storz Family

Charles Lewis Storz

Lewis Storz
Charles Lewis Storz
Ernest Moses Storz
Lester "Buster" B. Storz
Oma Rhodes
Edwin Lane Storz
Alfred Storz
Linda Storz May
Charles Storz
Odis Storz
Jerry Storz
Violet Storz Vanscyoc
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Please family I need more information for this section.

OK I am going to assume this is the wife of Grandpa's Youngest brother?

Edna Borders Storz b. 9 Oct 1916 in Zalma, MO; m. Onest Storz (b. 24 Sep 1904 in Greenbrier, MO) on 27 Sept 1928 in Marble Hill, MO. Children: Ellojane Conway b. 29 Sept 1933, Doris Marie Phelan b. 2 Apr 1935, Dorlene Munrcee b. 29 Oct 1938, Ivan Storz b. 22 Oct 1941, Donnie Storz 18 Aug 1946.

Born Circa 1869 died April 1, 1933. Father of Ernest, Nellie, Onest and Ivan..........

Charles and Wife Ella Circa 1930
My Great-Grandfather

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