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The Storz Family

Lewis Storz

Lewis Storz
Charles Lewis Storz
Ernest Moses Storz
Lester "Buster" B. Storz
Oma Rhodes
Edwin Lane Storz
Alfred Storz
Linda Storz May
Charles Storz
Odis Storz
Jerry Storz
Violet Storz Vanscyoc
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Lewis Storz (center), son of Moses, born October 12, 1827 (Wurtensburg) died December 25, 1912.


My great-great grand father Lewis Storz. He was born
around October 12, 1827. It is believed he was brought up in or near Wurtensburg, Germany. He married Katherin Ledwick who was believed to come from Austria. They were married in Missouri, and lived in Bollinger, County, Missouri.
Bertha          1860- ?
Amelia          1861- ?
Emma          1863- ?
Christian       1866- ?
Robert          1869- ? * This may be Charles
Ida               1874- ?
Laura            1876- ?
Minnie          1878- ?
Albert            1872-1931 Married to Clara Jane Tucker
                      Johnny      1912- 1973
                                       Johnny Lee         1939 -


I am not sure which one this was seems a little old to fight in war. Maybe it was great-grandfather. Well someone will straighten me out.
 When Lewis Storz who had been in the Fremont Rangers with Enoch and had not seen him since 1869, saw him in the fall of 1875, when Enoch was a shoe cobbler, he reported he didn't look like the same man.

Johnny Storz of Odyessa Texas has provided a wealth of information for this section. As soon as I get time I will upload the the photos and other information.
This is Albert Storz, Grandfather Johnny, and brother to Charles, my Great Grandfather.

I may include a map of our family's place of origin in this area.