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The Storz Family

Ernest Moses Storz

Lewis Storz
Charles Lewis Storz
Ernest Moses Storz
Lester "Buster" B. Storz
Oma Rhodes
Edwin Lane Storz
Alfred Storz
Linda Storz May
Charles Storz
Odis Storz
Jerry Storz
Violet Storz Vanscyoc
Favorite Family Photos
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Ernest Moses born April 18, 1902 died April 17, 1955.

Married to Ople Stevens early 1900's. Children Violet, Odis, Buster, Alfred, Oma, Charles, Edwin, Jerry, and Linda.
A side note Grandpa was sometimes called Chris. I believe this may of been due to he had an Uncle Christian.

Alfred is the baby.

Damn photo quality really was bad way back then...

Grandma and Tippy circa 1986?


Left to right: Charles, Buster, Odis, Grandma, Alfred, Violet, Edwin, Oma, Jerry, and Linda.

Grandma and all brothers and Sisters

Buster, Odis, Charles, Alfred, Edwin and Jerry.
Circa 1970

Uncle Alf and Grandma Circa 1980 my best guess.

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